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How to get a cannabis license in Michigan

Recreational and medical cannabis are legal in Michigan. There are nearly a quarter-million medical marijuana patients in Michigan, making the state second only California in the number of licensed patients. Michigan was also the first state in the Midwest to pass recreational cannabis legislation.  Business licenses are now available for a range of businesses including …

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5 Make-or-Break Criteria for a Software Purchase

The legal marijuana industry is growing across the US, and new business opportunities are opening every day. Yet it can still be challenging to make a profit in this world of federal uncertainty and razor-thin margins. Nobody likes to talk about software purchasing, but let’s be real–this is a key part of any business owner’s …

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How To Choose the Best Cannabis Dispensary Software

With the complexity of operating a cannabis dispensary, having the right software systems in place can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business. But finding the right software solutions can be an overwhelming process, filled with endless hours of research. Not every software solution is right for every dispensary, either. Not …

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