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How to get your cannabis license in Oklahoma

Preparing to open your own cannabis business requires a lot of preparation and coordination. We have collected a page of resources for our readers in Oklahoma who are interested in opening a business in this state.  An overview of Oklahoma Cannabis Regulations Medical cannabis became legal in Oklahoma in April 2015, with the passage of …

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5 Make-or-Break Criteria for a Software Purchase

The legal marijuana industry is growing across the US, and new business opportunities are opening every day. Yet it can still be challenging to make a profit in this world of federal uncertainty and razor-thin margins. Nobody likes to talk about software purchasing, but let’s be real–this is a key part of any business owner’s …

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4 Legal Tasks You Should Never Do Alone

Legalities, no matter where your business operates, are a minefield to navigate. One moment you think you’re fine and the next someone is threatening to sue, and you’re left wondering just how thoroughly your T’s were crossed, and I’s dotted.  The reasons for engaging legal professionals aren’t always clear to SMBs. Many will have started …

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What this court battle means for your business

The debate over the strength of cannabis trademarks is about to get interesting. There is an unprecedented trademark infringement case taking place between two dispensaries, on originating in Arizona and the other in California. Before we dive into that, let’s understand more about registering a cannabis company. Although the US Patent and Trademark Office has …

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What to know about IP when launching a cannabis company

When launching a cannabis business, entrepreneurs face additional hurdles due to the legal complexities facing the industry, and the prohibition of cannabis at the federal level. Cannabis businesses must deal with a complicated banking regime, licensure requirements, and state and municipal regulatory requirements. In the face of all of these start-up requirements, one crucial aspect …

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Cannabis Laws and Requirements for Business

Understanding the legal requirements for a Cannabis business can be daunting because of the variety of ways that states have chosen to legalize, regulate, and tax Cannabis. However, with some research and planning, you can become prepared to launch a Cannabis-related business legally and successfully.  Types of “CannaBusinesses” As you get started in a Cannabis …

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