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How to start building your cannabis brand

The first legal cannabis companies in each state have a unique advantage: they offer a service that cannot be found anywhere else. But more states have legalized marijuana and the industry continues to expand at a rapid pace—and as the competition grows, so does the need for solid branding.  Why? Because even with the best …

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How to Improve Digital Marketing for Dispensaries

Many dispensaries have been incredibly busy during the Coronavirus outbreak. But with more businesses closing down, people are spending increasing amounts of time at home and online. Now is a great time to consider improving your digital marketing. Digital marketing is a powerful tool for driving growth, but it can also be a challenge. Marketers …

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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Marketing Agency

Picking the best cannabis marketing agency for your business can have a profound impact, either positive or negative.  Cannabis marketing is still the Wild West. The rules and regulations are in a constant state of flux and are different from market to market. And it’s not just the legal regulations that cause problems, it’s the …

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How to create a digital marketing strategy for a cannabis cultivation operation

Our cultivator customers usually start a business because they love to grow. It is the passion for cannabis that gets them started, and not necessarily an interest in business operations. But to be successful, at some point every business owner must make sure the accounting, human resources, and compliance aspects of the business are running …

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Digital marketing for new cannabis businesses

A strategy guide for a new dispensary, cultivator, manufacturer, extractor, or vertically integrated business. Whether in an up-and-coming cannabis market like Oklahoma or Illinois, or an existing market like Colorado, digital marketing can be one more daunting task on your ‘start a business’ list. Yet, in this modern world, a digital marketing strategy is an …

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