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How to get a cannabis license in Michigan

Recreational and medical cannabis are legal in Michigan. There are nearly a quarter-million medical marijuana patients in Michigan, making the state second only California in the number of licensed patients. Michigan was also the first state in the Midwest to pass recreational cannabis legislation.  Business licenses are now available for a range of businesses including …

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How to get a cannabis license in Illinois

Cannabis businesses in Illinois have begun selling recreational cannabis. It is a hit! The Chicago Sun-Times reports that revenue during the first five days of legal sales totaled $10.8 million worth of pot products. Illinois is the “Capital of the Midwest” and is expected to become a major player in both the recreational and medical …

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QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks: How to Find the Best Accounting Software for Your Cannabis Business

Cannabis-friendly accounting software solutions pose some challenges for business owners. In order to remain compliant and organized in today’s cannabis world, there are several key pieces of software that every business owner needs. One of these is accounting software.  Two of the top accounting software on the market are Freshbooks and Quickbooks. In order to …

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How To Pick Cannabis Accounting Software For Your Business

Researching accounting software can sometimes be confusing and frustrating, especially in the cannabis industry. There are so many products to research and compare. On top of this, accounting software is not always designed with cannabis integrations in mind, so communication between track-and-track, Point-of-Sale, or Seed-to-Sale software can be challenging. It may feel easier to with …

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How to Find the Right Accountant for Your Cannabis Business

Keeping your books and records tight is essential for any business, but it’s doubly important for cannabis companies because the industry is so tightly regulated. It’s essential that you track and account for all your revenues, expenses, and financial activities, so you can minimize headaches during tax season and beyond. To do that, you need …

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