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4 Legal Tasks You Should Never Do Alone

Legalities, no matter where your business operates, are a minefield to navigate. One moment you think you’re fine and the next someone is threatening to sue, and you’re left wondering just how thoroughly your T’s were crossed, and I’s dotted.  The reasons for engaging legal professionals aren’t always clear to SMBs. Many will have started …

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3 Hot New HR Trends in Cannabis Dispensary Management

Human Resources is a massive topic in the cannabis industry, and our related website pages get more traffic than most other pages on CUE Cannabis. HR is a struggle for all business owners, but especially cannabis businesses, who’s workforce may face many complications that can arise from employment at a cannabis business. While those challenges …

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Green Bits vs Flowhub: How to choose the right POS software for your dispensary

The right POS system is one of the most important tools for a dispensary owner. When properly implemented, a dispensary POS system will help with managing inventory, processing incoming cash, and helping you with compliance. It is possible to operate a business using a regular retail POS, but why try when there are so many …

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How To Choose the Best Cannabis Dispensary Software

With the complexity of operating a cannabis dispensary, having the right software systems in place can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business. But finding the right software solutions can be an overwhelming process, filled with endless hours of research. Not every software solution is right for every dispensary, either. Not …

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Choosing the best cannabis ERP software

If you search for “ERP Software”, you’ll find hundreds of millions of results. However, if you’re starting or running a Cannabiz, you may not have the time to decipher all that information. The CUE Experts are always looking for the best advice to answer your questions, that’s why we spoke with ERP Expert Kyle Breith …

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5 Tips for Choosing an ERP for your Cannabiz

If you search for “ERP Software”, you’ll find hundreds of millions of results. However, if you’re starting or running a Cannabiz, you may not have the time to decipher all that information and implement it into your business operations. That is why we are here to help.  What is ERP Software? For those who are …

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How Retail Customers Have Changed

Based on the growth of major online retailers over the past few years, you may think that brick and mortar locations are losing marketshare purely because people prefer shopping online now.  Despite how it seems, that notion is only partly true. Most people, especially millennials, enjoy shopping in person as much as ever. By the …

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3 Ways to Build a Valuable Cannabis Dispensary Loyalty Program

You already know your cannabis dispensary needs a customer loyalty program. After all, who doesn’t want to encourage customers to come back to your store, get them to visit more often, and have them spend more money when they do? It’s a fact of retail: customer loyalty programs work, and a cannabis dispensary loyalty program …

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How to Create a Cannabis Business Plan

Preparing for a Cannabis Business Plan With so many states creating paths to establish legal marijuana businesses, there is quite a “gold rush” feeling about starting a Cannabusiness. However, the start-up expenses can be steep for an industry with substantial regulations and compliance needs, so you want to do all you can to establish a …

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What this court battle means for your business

The debate over the strength of cannabis trademarks is about to get interesting. There is an unprecedented trademark infringement case taking place between two dispensaries, on originating in Arizona and the other in California. Before we dive into that, let’s understand more about registering a cannabis company. Although the US Patent and Trademark Office has …

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