Creative Ways for Marketing Your Dispensary

Marketing your Cannabis dispensary might seem straightforward, given that there are many people who want the products you sell. However, there are always at least two main concerns for marketing a dispensary: first, how will you find new customers, and second, how will you convince them to purchase exclusively from your store? Convincing customers to become loyal to your brand is a matter of great customer service, and one excellent way to incorporate customer service with more marketing efforts is to use a dispensary loyalty or rewards program.

New customers come into your town or city all the time, but they may or may not find your dispensary through your website alone. By adding your dispensary to a database of Cannabis stores like, you make it easier for new clients and visitors to find you. Certain databases of dispensaries also offer menu integration so that those new potential customers can see what you offer, you can address the need to add new customers and help people find your store.

Dispensary Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Dispensary loyalty programs give benefits (like coupons or giveaways) to a particular group of customers who have shown their potential as repeat business. Dispensary reward programs work in a very similar way; they usually have some form of tokens or points that customers receive every time they make a purchase. These points can be redeemed for a variety of coupons or freebies once they’ve gotten enough. Creating a dispensary reward program on your own can be cumbersome, given that you’d have to create a way to keep track of everyone’s points. Two excellent programs exist specifically for the Cannabis industry which allows you to easily and quickly keep track of rewards points while also sending out targeted marketing to anyone who signs up for the program. 


This SMS-based loyalty program makes it easy for your customers to not only access their dispensary rewards but to also be reminded of them. SpringBig allows you to segment your customer base and zero in on those who would make the best loyal customers. Using the analytics data that SpringBig offers you, you can decide how and when to offer promotions based on the successes of promotions in the past, and then automatically send those promos using your SMS network of loyal customers. When you have customers, but you know they sometimes shop for Cannabis products at other places, SpringBig can be a major factor in bringing 100% of their business home to your shop.


Baker also offers SMS and loyalty program perks, as well as a variety of other features that help it to boost ROI and drive customer business. Baker integrates to help with online ordering along with a two-way chat that can help you to clarify any questions that online customers may have. With integrations like a cell phone”check-in” and email capture, Baker makes in-store events into a chance to get contact information easily. These visitors are more likely to return to the store because they’ve already been once, so their emails and cellphone numbers are valuable and can help you offer entrance into the dispensary loyalty program or a well-timed promotion to them. One popular feature is the ‘white labeling’ of Baker’s various services and software; you can customize the interface so that people will associate all the loyalty program features and dispensary rewards with your brand and logo. 

Menu Integration Software 

As more dispensaries pop up, it becomes more and more important to compete on the internet, showcasing your product actively in places where people will be searching for Cannabis. Menu integration is a valuable software that helps you feed your current inventory into websites that compile many different dispensary menus. You don’t want to be the only dispensary in the area that isn’t available in these repositories of Cannabis knowledge. You also may draw more specialized customers if they know you have strains they seek. 


Integrating well with point-of-sale software like Flowhub, IHeartJane keeps an up-to-date menu on their site that syncs with your own inventory statistics, while driving new customers to your online ordering system. Instant updates make it convenient to receive new customers; you never have to disappoint them by running out of something the site claims you currently have. With more than 400 businesses represented, IHeartJane brings together many different customer groups and allows, for instance, people who are traveling to your location from somewhere else to find you easily while they are staying in your area. It also helps to put you “on the map,”sometimes literally, as geo-location options help people find your store and get to know what you offer.


Leafly allows you to set up a page within their site that shares all the pertinent info about your shop while connecting you to their wide network of subscribers. The marketing potential is endless: they allow you to geo-target customers who have the app and physically move into your area, sending them a promotional notification or welcome note. You can use Leafly as a place to receive customer reviews and then engage with them in a friendly and positive manner, increasing customer confidence in your brand. Finally, Leafly does the menu integration aspect of the software well, connecting each strain you sell to a database that allows local customers to find you and find their favorites, all while integrating seamlessly with your point-of-sale software.


Another popular menu integration service is the Weedmaps interface. They create a community of Cannabis lovers and promote dispensaries by offering listings and by making space for substantial reviews of different dispensaries by the customers. Asking your loyal customer base to use Weedmaps can help you to literally “get on the map,” while also sharing the specific elements of your brand that make customers care about your store. Integration with your menu and inventory through point-of-sale software like Green Bits makes it easy to sell online and off-line without running out of your best product accidentally.

Marketing your Cannabis dispensary doesn’t have to be difficult in an age of powerful, helpful products that allow you to customize and personalize advertising to the exact audience who is most likely to respond. With dispensary loyalty programs, you can offer the best dispensary rewards to those who are likely to purchase again and again; these programs can even serve as a referral tool for your loyal customers to invite friends to join! With menu integration, you get a much wider sphere of influence, where people looking to purchase Cannabis products can discover everything you have to offer, sometimes growing your online ordering business and definitely increasing foot-traffic-based customers through geo-tagged advertising notifications on their phones.

Ready to get started with integrating these powerful tools and start rewarding your dispensary customers? Work with us today!