Many dispensaries have been incredibly busy during the Coronavirus outbreak, but as restaurants and bars are forced to close, dispensaries must be ready to serve customers no matter what. COVID-19 is an opportunity to implement online ordering that will improve the business not only in the next month but through the end of the year. The future of cannabis is digital, 51% of Americans prefer to shop online, and this extends to cannabis purchases as well. Here two reasons why setting up online ordering is essential for your business and your employees.  

Online ordering improves safety and customer experience 

One way to minimize face-to-face contact that some dispensaries are already using is to implement online ordering. Customers can browse the online menu, order, and pay from their computers or smartphones at any time of the day or night. It is incredibly convenient for the customers because they receive a text message when their order is ready. Customers can send and pay for orders during business hours with no need to wait in line and very little time spent with people. Additionally, it protects the budtenders from extended face-to-face contact and allows regular customers to quickly order repeat purchases. 

Online ordering increases revenue

Right now, people are spending more time than ever online, checking the news and their social media feeds as they stay in touch with family and friends. In addition to this, people are accustomed to online shopping, and there is no reason why cannabis businesses cannot be part of this trend. Customers also tend to purchase more online than in-store, which is the most important way that an online menu can increase revenue. Many customers won’t even visit a store unless they know it sells their favorite products, so having an online menu means that when a customer can browse the selection even if they prefer to visit the store later. 

Get found in searches

Many customers will find a dispensary by looking for their favorite strains or products. Having a page with online live menus such as IHeartJaneWeedmaps, or Leafly will increase traffic to your site, display your offerings, and share deals with customers. All of the online menus should offer features like: 

  • Automated menus that synch realtime with the dispensary POS and is updated with new or sold-out items
  • Built-in compliance including address and age checks, purchasing limits and more to make sure all the orders are 100% compliant
  • Easy to integrate with your current system, for some platforms it only takes one line of code 

Right now is the time to set up online ordering, but if your shop doesn’t have the resources, consider outsourcing the setup. Contact us for help.