Many dispensaries have been incredibly busy during the Coronavirus outbreak. But with more businesses closing down, people are spending increasing amounts of time at home and online. Now is a great time to consider improving your digital marketing. Digital marketing is a powerful tool for driving growth, but it can also be a challenge. Marketers identify digital marketing as one of their biggest struggles. Because an estimated 80% of consumers do internet research before purchasing, a cannabis company’s biggest concern should be online visibility. There are simple things your business can do right now to improve how customers find your business and place an order. If you need help implementing a digital marketing strategy, find out how CUE can help get you started. 

Set up an online live menu

Minimized face-to-face contact by allowing your customers to browse current product selection, place their orders, and then swing by the store for pickup. Many customers will find a dispensary by looking for their favorite strains or products. Having a page with online live menus such as IHeartJaneWeedmaps, or Leafly will increase traffic to your site, display your offerings, and share deals with customers. All of the online menus should offer features like: 

  • Automated menus that synch realtime with the dispensary POS and is updated with new or sold-out items
  • Built-in compliance including address and age checks, purchasing limits and more to make sure all the orders are 100% compliant
  • Easy to integrate with your current system, for some platforms it only takes one line of code 

Make sure you only use reputable directories, or rink hurting your SEO. If you are short on time, let CUE help you implement and online live menu strategy.

Improve dispensary SEO Strategy 

Depending on the type of website the business has, you might need to get help from a professional making SEO changes. But some of these changes are easy to make alone or with a bit of advice. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Have a keyword strategy by choosing the best and most competitive keywords that relate to your business function and objective
  • Update title tags, this means name each content page appropriately
  • Name images alt/ title tags because this provides Google with more contextual information about your site 
  • Arrange your site content so visitors can easily find what they are looking for and Google can understand how the pages relate to one another
  • Name all links and URLs appropriately, so they are easy for Google to understand 

It is time to leverage the power of digital sales. If you don’t have time, we can help you. Find out how…