With the complexity of operating a cannabis dispensary, having the right software systems in place can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business. But finding the right software solutions can be an overwhelming process, filled with endless hours of research. Not every software solution is right for every dispensary, either. Not to worry! CUE Cannabis is here to help. We’ve broken down the best cannabis dispensary software into categories and created a hierarchy of needs. At the bottom, you’ll see the most critical, foundational software, while at the top will be software that supercharges growth. We’ve also included examples in each category. (Lucky for you, we offer free trials and a 20% discount on all software purchased by us!)

Compliance Automation + POS System, Accounting and Data Security

Compliance Automation + POS System: Compliance is the Achilles heel of dispensaries. Your entire business rests on being compliant with local regulators. Cannabis dispensary compliance issues could result in fines, the shutdown of your business, or worse, jail time. (See the Sweet Leaf saga in Colorado) Good cannabis dispensary Point of Sale systems have compliance data integrated and automated, making reporting easy and issues easy to identify. 

Accounting: Proper accounting software is key to any company’s survival and another critical piece of the cannabis dispensary compliance puzzle. Marijuana enforcement agencies may ask for audits at any time, and you need to be able to provide a comprehensive look at the numbers behind your business.

Data Security: Cybersecurity is a challenge, even for small businesses. Make sure to protect yourself and your customers with the right solution. Don’t let your business become another Riviera Beach!

HR + Payroll, Recruiting, Retainment, and Collaboration/Productivity

HR: The future of HR is digital. A comprehensive HR platform will make admin more streamlined, helping with payroll, recruiting, and retainment. Your employees will thank you, and so will your medicine cabinet… you’ll need way less Tylenol because you’ll be able to minimize HR headaches with the right solution!

Collaboration/Productivity: 97% of employees and executives believe that collaboration affects a project’s outcome. Ensure you and your team have the best tools to work together and execute on complex projects. Get the most out of your team by helping them stay as productive as possible. 

Analytics and Big Data

Two of the biggest buzz words of the business world: analytics and big data. The right solution in this category can give you deeper insights into what is and isn’t working for your business, help spot business opportunities, optimize business processes, and make your cannabis dispensary more efficient. Imagine knowing which product category is making you the most money, knowing when to order to maximize shelf space for your best-performing products, and minimizing risk by reducing order volumes for products that are slowing. A good cannabis dispensary analytics and big data tool will do all that for you, and much, much more. 

Loyalty, Marketing, CRM, Online Presence, Menu Integrations

Loyalty: You’ve likely heard the stats about how much cheaper it is to sell to existing customers compared to the cost to acquire new ones. Loyalty programs work, and if you have any doubt you can read this blog post about creating a cannabis dispensary loyalty program. 

CRM: Without a CRM, you are hinging your most important business relationships on your ability to remember minute details over long periods of time. If you don’t have a CRM in place, it’s inevitable that things will get lost. Avoid those problems by keeping important contact details in one easily-searchable software suite.

Menu Integrations: Having Menu Integration software creates a unified experience for your customers. They can check your online menu on your website, pre-order (if that’s enabled and allowed), and know that what they would like to purchase is available at your store at that moment. If what they’d like isn’t available, there are even options that let them request it. 

Fully Integrated Management

Operating cannabis dispensaries is an extremely complex business. Having a fully integrated management software suite created exactly for your type of business helps streamline operations from top to bottom and back to front. Integrated management is a valuable growth tool to help your business thrive once you’ve built a healthy base. 

If that seems like an overwhelming amount of software to be compared, tested, and implemented, you’re right, it is. But that’s why we’re here. At CUE Cannabis, we’re the cannabis dispensary software experts. A 30-minute chat with us and we can give you customized recommendations for every category set you up with trial versions, and give you a permanent 20% discount on any managed software product. Click below to set up a no-pressure chat today.