The right POS system is one of the most important tools for a dispensary owner. When properly implemented, a dispensary POS system will help with managing inventory, processing incoming cash, and helping you with compliance. It is possible to operate a business using a regular retail POS, but why try when there are so many purpose-built ones on the market? Two top-of-the-industry options are Flowhub and Green Bits. They are similar in many ways and which one you choose depends on your business. We will take you through features that will help you decide which is the best dispensary POS software for your business. If you’d like more detail on either of these software, check out this handy and very detailed feature comparison chart.

Hardware for the dispensary POS

Both of these POS admin centers are SaaS-based, so access to all of the important management and compliance functionality is accessible from a PC or Mac on a Chrome browser. The way the registers operate a bit different. Flowhub is compatible with both PC and Mac stores, plus they have a partnership with HP to provide customers with some standardization of hardware. So no matter what type of computer you have or are planning to by, Flowhub will work will all of it. Green Bitshas required hardware for its registers, the dispensary must use a standard iPad. Keep this in mind when making your decision about which dispensary POS is most compatible with your business. 

Automatic Menu Integration

Green Bits has created the ability to automate online menus like Weedmaps, Leafly, and Wikileaf based off of the current store inventory. A dispensary owner is able to build online menus in Green Bits, and the POS will push this menu data to Weedmaps without anyone needing to log into Weedmaps for every update. Understandably, this can save a lot of time in reconciling your online inventory with what is actually on your shelves. Additionally, you are able to set ‘par limits’ on online items, so when a product sells below that par limit in the store, it will automatically be removed from your online menu. Flowhub also offers online menu integration with Leafly and Wikileaf. Consider which online and in-store menu software you prefer as part of your POS choice to ensure compatibility. 

Manage product with mobile audits

Both Green Bits and Flowhub have mobile audit options. Flowhub has ‘The Nug,’ which is an iPhone 5 in a Honeywell scanner sled. It allows the dispensary to quickly scan items on the shelf or in the back and then compare those scans to the POS inventory. It is a quick way to find discrepancies.  Green Bits has an iPad and handheld Bluetooth scanner that scans product barcodes into a Google Doc. This inventory document can then be uploaded into Green Bits to check for discrepancies. Some dispensary owners we spoke to mentioned that both of these products can be glitchy, but when working they save time on reconciling inventory. Another inventory differentiator is the Stash App, which Flowhub released last week! This app is supposed to help finish 60 minutes of inventory tracking work in just 5 minutes. If you’ve used it already, let us know what you think.

“Emergency Mode” to save your information

Because both Flowhub and Green Bits are purchased through an online subscription, they are also reliant on working WiFi. If the power goes out, or the WiFi goes down, Green Bits has a register that is built to recognize this outage and will automatically switch to ‘Emergency Mode.’ This mode allows the budtender to process recreational sales (it should be noted that this is not true for medical sales). The sales information is then stored in the cache of the register iPad and when the Wifi connection is back up, Green Bits pushes this sales data to Metrc automatically. In a recent update, Flowhub also offers an emergency mode. So no matter which software you choose, all the dispensary sales data will be safe. 

A word about Metrc automation

If you are in a Metrc compliant state that Green Bits and Flowhub are great options to consider. (If not, look into BioTrackTHC or MJFreeway.) Sales reporting is important for compliance and both Green Bits and Flowhub will automatically push your sales data to Metrc in real time. Additionally, both make inventory management easier because any inventory adjustment or discrepancy is automatically communicated to Metrc. This ease of integration also extends to receiving products. For example, both pieces of software have an API to Metrc that allows them to pull data from incoming manifests directly into the POS. This means no data entry for things like Package IDs and quantities of product, two things which must be entered accurately for track and trace compliance. Flowhub also allows for manual reporting if you choose. These are important features to highlight because they will save you and your budtenders hours of extra work and headache! 

This was just a small sample of Green Bits and Flowhub features. if you were looking to compare other functionality, check out this comparison chart.