Many dispensaries are incredibly busy because of COVID-19, with customers stocking up on their cannabis products. There is a rush on storefront businesses, yet positions across the industry are also moving to remote work. For some, working at home is uncharted territory since the cannabis industry is known for being a friendly, face-to-face kind of work environment. Whether this is your first foray into remote work, or you do it frequently, here are some tips to help everyone stay motivated.  

Have the right tools 

Remote work doesn’t mean disconnecting from the team. Set yourself and your team up to collaborate effectively. There are remote login systems like VPN, but also more streamlined setups like Google Office. With the functionality in Google Office, the team can work on documents in real-time in the cloud, host video calls, and of course, send emails. For those looking to make phone calls with the team, customers, or clients, there are also numerous video conferencing platforms.  

As many cannabis software, such as Analytics or CRM, are now hosted in the cloud, it is possible to pull trend reports or set up marketing campaigns from your couch. It is also an excellent opportunity to focus on the admin you’ve been putting off or step back and consider the strategy of your business. Now is also a great time to find new software that can streamline your business and help you keep up with demand. 

Wear work clothes

The best way to stay on-task throughout the day is to dress like you are going to work. Getting dressed puts you in the mood to stay focused on getting work done. 

Establish clear working hours

Parkinson’s law says that work expands to fill the time allowed. Having a defined start and end time during the day will make it easier to be productive during the working hours and enjoy evenings. There are many ways to keep yourself and your team motivated, including quick morning check-ins to set daily priorities, or having an end-of-day commitment like a walk to the park or a call with a friend. 

Close all non-related work tabs

The easiest way to stay focused on what is essential, without the social pressures of the office, is to close all non-essential costs. Commit to staying off your phone, the news, social media feed, Reddit, Tick-Tock, whatever is your biggest distraction. Log out of the app, turn off any alerts, place your phone in another room. Whatever helps you stay on task. Work notifications can be particularly distracting and setting precise times to respond to emails, messages, and calls will increase the feeling of productivity. There are techniques like the Pomodoro method or applications like Forest, that help people work in chunks and focus on specific projects.