POS Software for Cannabis Sales and Compliance Needs

Dispensary Point of Sale software helps cannabis businesses to become the most organized, efficient, and productive versions of themselves. The day-to-day keeping of sales records is complex in any industry. As you already know, Cannabis is not an industry with typical regulations; states are continuing to change and grow their compliance standards to ensure that legal Cannabis is being sold via safe and well-documented processes. While some of these regulations and compliance standards may seem like a lot to handle, the modern POS (Point of Sale) software can generate inventory audits, avoid discrepancies, and automatically send the needed reports. You can now choose a great dispensary POS software that has been specifically tailored to the needs of the Cannabis business. 

What to Look for in Dispensary Point-of-Sale Software

Dispensary POS Software: Compliance with METRC

METRC is the database of choice for tracing and tracking the sale of legal marijuana, both medical and recreational. Your POS system needs to work well with your particular state’s Cannabis tracking and reporting system versions. Green Bits, for example, is compliant with all the current state’s versions of METRC. While you’ve likely already researched METRC, make sure to ask the hard questions when you look through your dispensary’s POS specs: does METRC automatically receive tracking information through your POS integration? What are the steps you must complete as you file your required inventory and sales reports? Explore elements like automatically generated reports, features for ensuring accuracy, and the security of your data to prevent any external tampering with your reporting process.

Dispensary POS Software: Inventory Tracking, as well as Seed-to-Sale Tracking

Where mandatory, seed-to-sale tracking can be cumbersome without a solution that integrates easily, like Growflow or Leaf Logix. For major”holidays” like April 20th, it is more important than ever to have excellent inventory tracking for your own profit margin. Running out of prized strains means sales loss. The same technology can be used to create excellent inventory tracking while complying with your state’s seed-to-sale tracking requirements.

Dispensary POS Software: Ease of Use

Both customer-facing employees and anyone managing inventory behind the scenes benefits when your dispensary POS software is simple and clear. Ease-of-use means more than just a quick checkout process for the customer; it also keeps your employees from getting confused and making errors. A great, clear system like Flowhub will make it easy to onboard new employees, reducing the potential for mistakes, while also offering excellent uptime and support. For this reason, request demos from your top candidates for a POS so that you can see which interface works best for your needs.

Dispensary POS Software: User/Activity Logs

Dispensary POS software that records your customers, retains their information and preferences and keeps track of any state limits that might be reached are all essential functions for your business. You don’t want to have any problems with overselling, so great POS software contains features like the ones in Flowhub, which has a “smart cart” to prevent overselling as well as detailed activity logs that you can retrieve easily for an auditor discrepancy. COVA‘s features include the Centralized Intelligence Hub, integrating your user data with all other POS data, as well as loyalty program tracking and legal product limits for each customer. An excellent real-time revenue tracker in these dispensary point of sale software programs can help you ensure that no theft or other mismanagement of funds is occurring.

Dispensary POS Software: Scalability

When online orders are a possibility or you are managing a dispensary with multiple locations, a particularly valuable quality is a dispensary POS with robust centralized features that can help you manage all the stores and online sales. Cova POS, for instance, has specific Built to Scale features that help you open a new store, manage employees who work at different locations, and ensure compliance to avoid overselling. You can even compare store performance in order to see how to innovate at particular locations!

A robust dispensary POS system helps you grow and more than pays for itself in seamless transaction management, compliance, and inventory tracking. To learn more, visit our POS marketplace today.