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QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks: How to Find the Best Accounting Software for Your Cannabis Business

Cannabis-friendly accounting software solutions pose some challenges for business owners. In order to remain compliant and organized in today’s cannabis world, there are several key pieces of software that every business owner needs. One of these is accounting software.  Two of the top accounting software on the market are Freshbooks and Quickbooks. In order to …

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Everything you need to know about Seed-to-Sale Software for Oklahoma

Software is an important part of building a strong cannabis business. Many new business owners try to scrape by with spreadsheets, but to be truly efficient spreadsheets are no longer an option. Eventually, business owners will spend more on labor costs to update their homemade tracking systems than they would in buying software. However, by …

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How to Choose Seed-to-Sale for your Cannabis Business

Software is an imperative part of building a strong business. Many new business owners may be able to scrape by with old-school spreadsheets, but this is no longer an option. Eventually, you will spend more on labor costs to update these spreadsheets than you would save as states require in-depth track and trace compliance. Seed-to-sale …

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Digital marketing for new cannabis businesses

A strategy guide for a new dispensary, cultivator, manufacturer, extractor, or vertically integrated business. Whether in an up-and-coming cannabis market like Oklahoma or Illinois, or an existing market like Colorado, digital marketing can be one more daunting task on your ‘start a business’ list. Yet, in this modern world, a digital marketing strategy is an …

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Choosing the best cannabis ERP software

If you search for “ERP Software”, you’ll find hundreds of millions of results. However, if you’re starting or running a Cannabiz, you may not have the time to decipher all that information. The CUE Experts are always looking for the best advice to answer your questions, that’s why we spoke with ERP Expert Kyle Breith …

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