Cannabis – A Growing Market

With a growing variety of places legalizing marijuana, medical and otherwise, the opportunity to put your dispensary on the map is also growing. Your product may be popular with your existing customers, but there is value in creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement around your business, especially as competition ramps up. With the Cannabis culture’s love of 4/20 as a holiday you have excellent opportunities to gain new business, build brand loyalty, and get to the next level with your dispensary.

April 20th and the days leading up to it are important celebratory days in the Cannabis world, with parties, concerts, and other major events held anywhere that Cannabis has been legalized. Not only is it fun to create a party to celebrate marijuana use at your store, but it is also a great opportunity to reach new customers with your dispensary marketing efforts and get them in the door. By creating a truly exciting event, informing all your loyal customers,encouraging a wider pool of new customers, and getting the word out in person around your town, you are likely to have an excellent 420 party.

Here are some ways for you to prepare for April 20th, 420, with great marketing so that your business takes full advantage of the potential sales that day. 

Promote Your Dispensary with Digital Marketing

Once you’ve made your plan for 420, don’t stop there: get the word out to the whole area! A great party needs great guests, and digital marketing is an excellent way to do it.

  • Use your existing email list to publicize your event. Create emails that look like invitations, showing that this will be a bash that they don’t want to miss. If you don’t already have a strong email list, start offering to sign people up for your “free e-newsletter” as soon as you can. Those  emails allow you to easily re-target past customers with promotions and know who is keeping an eye on your dispensary. Maintaining a dispensary marketing  email list, tracking leads and creating effective e-mail campaigns like alerting customers when a product is back in stock is easy with platforms like Constant Contact or Mailchimp. .
  • Passing out “coupons” via text message can be incredibly effective too. If you have regular customers who have come in before, you can even send personalized, “Bring a Friend on 420” coupons that help get a new person in the door. Texting your customers is easy with SMS messaging software like Baker or SpringBig, for instance, which offers a text message system that results in 20% more store visits.
  • Are you building your brand on social media? If not, you are missing out on a huge audience and need to start incorporating social media into your overall dispensary marketing initiatives. You can create very well-tailored boosted posts that contain special deals or offers for your 420 party. People pay more attention to limited time offers and are more likely to decide “yes or no” for an invitation to an event. For regular ads, it is easier to just scroll past, but event-based marketing can really create an impression.
  • When you want to hype up the deal that you’ll be having soon, use your various social media pages to promote it and talk it up. This can increase your reach and show that your dispensary is active and engaging.
  • To promote a wider reach, offer a great coupon for those who like or follow your pages, or for those who share your posts with others. You can gain greater engagement on your sites by saying that a coupon or giveaway raffle is contingent on the person connecting with you socially or sharing your dispensary with their friends. Baker’s system offers the option to create email captures and phone number captures when people sign up for your loyalty program.
  • The options for social media marketing these days are nearly endless; you can narrow down your advertisements, for instance, to only people who have connected with other cannabis-related posts in the past, on some social platforms. Play with your options and see how you get the best ROI for each advertising platform so you can refine your strategy.

Marketing for 420

Here are some excellent ways to make your location the most popular spot to celebrate 420, and to visit whenever your customers are looking for cannabis in the future.

  • 420 is just one day, but it stands apart for many Cannabis users. Make the day special by offering special discounts or buy-one-get-one-half-off deals for the day so that people will be encouraged to shop on that day in particular. 
  • As you prepare, make sure you have substantial inventory; you’ll often do many times your typical business, and you don’t want to be left sold out with more customers to serve.
  • Create marketing collateral to promote your dispensary’s “420 party;”  Announce giveaways on the hour or half-hour and set up large yard games so that people will be encouraged to spend the afternoon there with their friends, enjoying the Spring sunshine and everything your dispensary has to offer.
  • If you have a slow-moving item or an over-purchased stock of something, why not make it a “free with purchase” promotion? When people see that they can get something for free, they are often excited to come to check out the store that is offering such a good deal.
  • Give out pens, brochures, key chains, grinders, lighters, rolling papers, or a concentrate container to get people representing your dispensary around town. This kind of cannabis promotional marketing makes the individuals who receive the swag feel great, but it also sends a message to everyone they encounter.
  • If you want to make an impact on your community and give back, you can dedicate a portion of the day’s profits to a local charity. People will feel good about patronizing your establishment, especially as the money supports a small business owner as well as people who are doing good work.
  • Extend your dispensary marketing reach by inviting local food trucks to participate in your 4/20 event. Not only do food trucks always draw a crowd, but people enjoying some marijuana will also have food choices when the munchies strike. 

Traditional Dispensary Marketing Options

It doesn’t hurt to take full advantage of traditional marketing efforts to help grow your dispensary and promote your 4/20 party. Traditional flyers placed in strategic spots around town can also get you noticed and help people realize that this, among all the 420 celebrations, will be the blowout they want to join. Take advantage of any social clubs or cannabis-related events in your town or city as a way to show up and hand out 420 invites that contain a valuable offer so the recipients will be reluctant to throw it away.

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