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How to Create a Cannabis Business Plan

Preparing for a Cannabis Business Plan With so many states creating paths to establish legal marijuana businesses, there is quite a “gold rush” feeling about starting a Cannabusiness. However, the start-up expenses can be steep for an industry with substantial regulations and compliance needs, so you want to do all you can to establish a …

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Dispensary POS System

Dispensary POS Software: 5 Things to Look for in a Cannabis Point of Sale System

POS Software for Cannabis Sales and Compliance Needs Dispensary Point of Sale software helps cannabis businesses to become the most organized, efficient, and productive versions of themselves. The day-to-day keeping of sales records is complex in any industry. As you already know, Cannabis is not an industry with typical regulations; states are continuing to change and grow …

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Cannabis Loyalty Programs

Marketing Your Dispensary with Rewards & Dispensary Loyalty Programs

Creative Ways for Marketing Your Dispensary Marketing your Cannabis dispensary might seem straightforward, given that there are many people who want the products you sell. However, there are always at least two main concerns for marketing a dispensary: first, how will you find new customers, and second, how will you convince them to purchase exclusively …

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420 History

4/20 History & How It Can Affect Your Business

As crazy as it sounds, the worldwide celebration day of Cannabis began with a meet-up to smoke marijuana near a high school. The “Waldos,” as they called themselves, were a group of 5 friends back in the early 1970’s, at a California school, San Rafael High School, who chose 4:20 pm as their ideal time …

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9 Metrics Every Cannabis Business Should Track

Data is one of the most powerful things you can have in your cannabis business. Getting access to the right sales, inventory, and customer information enables you to make more informed decisions, so you can carry the right products and market them effectively. In this post, we’ll take a quick look at the top metrics …

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4 Tools and Tactics That Can Help You Market Your Cannabis Business

As a canna-business, you have a lot going for you. According to USA Today, the market in the US has made $8.5 billion between 2017 and 2018, and it’s expected to grow to $23.4 billion by 2022. There’s clearly a lot of money to be made in the cannabis space, particularly as governments and consumers …

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How to Find the Right Accountant for Your Cannabis Business

Keeping your books and records tight is essential for any business, but it’s doubly important for cannabis companies because the industry is so tightly regulated. It’s essential that you track and account for all your revenues, expenses, and financial activities, so you can minimize headaches during tax season and beyond. To do that, you need …

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The Critical Features to Look for When Choosing a POS System for Your Cannabis Business

Gone are the days when points of sale solutions were viewed as fancier versions of traditional cash registers. While ringing up sales continues to be a primary function of POS systems, these tools have so much more to offer, and business owners need to be aware of their system’s capabilities so they can get the …

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