As crazy as it sounds, the worldwide celebration day of Cannabis began with a meet-up to smoke marijuana near a high school. The “Waldos,” as they called themselves, were a group of 5 friends back in the early 1970’s, at a California school, San Rafael High School, who chose 4:20 pm as their ideal time to meet up to smoke and – get this – go on a treasure hunt for a rumored field of pot. Over the years, rather than referring to their entire quest, they slowly reduced their lingo till they just said”4:20?” to indicate a meet-up.

The history of 4/20 has taken the path from an isolated friend group to worldwide fame.  This seems to have been accomplished through the Grateful Dead community since some of the Waldos spent time as friends with the band. From there, the term”420″ has become a code of sorts, a way to show that you are part of a cannabis-using community. While the time of day (either early morning or late afternoon) was especially popular, April 20th (04/20) also became an unofficial time to celebrate the culture and heritage around Cannabis as medication and a recreational drug. As more and more places have legalized medical marijuana and recreational use marijuana, this covert Cannabis holiday is becoming big business, especially for owners of dispensaries. 

The economic impact is nothing to sneeze at either. Many dispensaries see as much as 10 times their average day sales on 4/20, so a single good week of 4/20 festivity can give a dispensary a real cushion for the year.

How 4/20 Will Affect Your Business: Be Prepared!

Whenever an industry has a single important sales day, like the Cannabis industry has currently, it is important to be prepared for anything.It is a shame to realize that you don’t have the cash on hand to make change just as a line forms out your door and all the way down the street! If you’ve been cobbling together computer software to keep your business running smoothly on other days, you may find that you miss out on valuable clients on 04/20. You want your entire operation to work incredibly smoothly on a major shopping day like 4/20.

Inventory and Menu Integration Software

Many of your clients will have one, two, or maybe three favorite strains and may come to you specifically for those products. Well before 04/20,make sure you are securing a substantial store of your most popular products,especially if you have any products on which you intend to offer promotional deals. Selling all your product means a great day, but your customers may end up disappointed. A great way to ensure you have everything you need is through inventory software and menu integration.

These software solutions allow you to optimize based on both your online ordering market and your in-person point-of-sale system. Leafly and IHeartJane both offer a great path to getting to know customers from around the world, while also making sure that you have an updated inventory of all the products you have available. Given that many people travel to where dispensaries are legal in order to celebrate 4/20, these software products help visitors plan ahead and know that you’ll have the high-quality strains they are looking for. With integration into point-of-sale software, your inventory will be organized and prepared.

POS Software

Point-of-Sale software requires reliable access so that you can process many orders in a short amount of time with automatic updates to your current inventory. Cova, for instance, offers great up-time and excellent tracking tools that help you to make educatedchoices when you decide to reorder strains and other products. Flowhub is especially good if you are expanding into multiple locations, offering the options you need to integrate back and forth between software integrations while maintaining strict compliance with local cannabis-related regulations. Green Bits integrates a loyalty program inside your Point of Sale software, in addition to robust features for tracking and data. What these software products all have in common is that they allow you to save time and avoid errors when handling cash flow, receipts, and inventory. Wasted time on 4/20 or even on the days leading up to it tends to be more costly than in other times of the year. Integrate POS software you can trust now so that, by the time the holiday hits, you’re prepared to do rapid commerce to meet demand.

Marketing Software

While demand for Cannabis and Cannabis-related products will be at an all-time high in the days leading up to 4/20, the Cannabis-lovers need to know where you are and who you are to be able to show up and purchase products from you. Excellent marketing software allows you to build up a consistent client base who will spread the word about any special deals or parties you plan to host on 4/20. Constant Contact and MailChimp are both great examples of integrated marketing solutions that help you keep in touch with past clients, secure new leads through visitors to your website, and manage information and marketing campaigns. 

4/20 is a great time to start an email list if you don’t have one yet. Your marketing efforts can be pegged to social check-ins, like taking a picture of oneself in the dispensary and posting it to Instagram with a specific hashtag in order to receive a discounted product. You can also simply have people give their emails as part of the sales process, if they are interested in future valuable deals. While you will likely not see all of your 4/20 customers again, you’ll see far more of them for a repeat visit if you make contact, share details about new product lines, and make them feel part of the community with a loyalty program like Baker or SpringBig

4/20 is a great opportunity to get your dispensary ready for a bigger sales future and to put you on the map. Ready to get your dispensary all the tools it needs to make seamless, rapid sales all day on 4/20? Contact us today!