CUE is your one-stop-shop to consult, research, and manage the bestaccountingsoftware and services for your cannabis business.

How does it work?
CUE has identified the best software and services for growing your cannabis business, saving you time from browsing overwhelming review sites. Hop on a call with one of the CUE Experts and we will take care of your software and service needs.
Let us do the heavy lifting.
Take the guesswork out of software research with our expert consultations. First, a quick discovery call to better understand your requirements, then we conduct custom research based on your business needs and present you with recommended options.
Try before you buy.
CUE has identified the best software & services available for growing your business, saving you time from browsing overwhelming review sites. Use our online recommendation tool for a customized browsing experience.
Manage in one place.
Manage your software in a fast and secure way with the CUE Business Dashboard. Gain daily insight into the financial and marketing health of your business. Find out how this dashboard can revolutionize your ​cannabis ​business.

CUE Cannabis is the cannabis industry’s first FREE online B2B marketplace providing dispensaries with a confident, safe and simple shopping experience. We serve as an industry-knowledge hub and supply a platform for business owners looking to prosper in the rapidly expanding cannabis market. We strive to develop an industry-leading, multi-vendor marketplace that connects any business across the entire cannabis space to the right solution to fit their needs.
We select only the best
We've spent the time to research and vet the software and service that we recommend. While other research sites were built for advertising, we built the CUE Cannabis Marketplace to benefit you!